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SOS Marine: SOS Recovery Ladder

Use with SUSOS-5678 SOS Sock for Easy Deployment

The SOS Recovery Ladder answers the question for all boaters and makes for a good plan to get you back on board. If you either intentionally go for a swim, or fall overboard, most boats do not have a facility to get you back on board.

 SIMPLICITY & SPEED – easy and quick to deploy in minutes.

 OPERATED BY SINGLE PERSON – it can be rolled out and ready for use in less than a minute.

 ASSIST RESCUE – multi-function recovery/rescue ladder, able bodied crew uses ladder, injured or disabled crew can be horizontally lifted out with your block and tackle or halyard attached to bottom end lifting eye. The horizontal posture is important for a hypothermic victim.

• 4 ATTACHING POINTS IS THE KEY TO HAVING STABILITY OF THE LADDER – secure ladder to cleat, gunwale, stanchion base, padeye or other available strong points.

This provides greater security and stability.
 VALISE: The compact bag is an integral part of the ladder.

The ladder is incorporated and packed into high visibility neon yellow mesh bag that unfolds instantly.
 SIZE: folded compact is 500mm x 300mm (20 x 12 inches)
 WIDTH of steps 370mm (14 ½ inches).
 WEIGHT: Lightweight only 3.3 kilos (7.2 pounds).
• LENGTH: Deployed length of ladder is 2 ¼ metres (7 ½ feet) enabling the MOB to step onto the lowest step with ease.
 STEPS: 5 steps to enable the crew to use his/her knees to control the ladder in the water to prevent falling under the boat.

It has well-spaced rungs providing stable foot and hand hold.

 MATERIALS: Heavy duty wrap knitted polyester mesh.
• “SOFT” design, unlike typical boarding ladders, this mesh boarding ladder with lightweight rungs won’t clobber the victim when the boat rolls.
 SELF SERVICE – Rinse off, dry fold and place back into the integral zippered pouch. Dries quickly.
 BRIGHT RESCUE COLOUR – aids visibility.
 FOR SAIL OR POWER VESSEL – with up to 6 foot topsides, water to gunwale.
 TRANSPORTABLE – easily carried from boat to boat.
 QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS – All materials are certified and controlled under the standard quality ISO 9001 management system.

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