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Standard Furler & Top Swivel Sets


  • Standard Furlers suitable for sails with a "straight" luff, and best applied for upwind sailing, true wind angles less than 90 degrees ie. code zero, screecher, staysail
  • Top-Down Furlers suitable for sails with a "soft" luff, and full mid-section. Used for downwind sailing, true wind angle great than 90 degrees ie. Code 1-6, Reacher, Runner, Gennaker
  • Advanced drum technology - incorporating a sophisticated furling line groove profile and cross hole geometry to grip the furling line securely when furling and release it when deploying
  • An entire range that matches drum diameters to load ratings for optimum performance
  • Secure, snag free connections
  • Rotation stop accessory
  • Maintenance free bearing system
  • Material selection for strength and durability
  • Optimum strength to weight ratios.
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Dedicated Top-Down models for soft luff sails
  • Easy continuous line installation and removal

Rope Ø 10 mm
M.W.L. 3000 kg
B. L. 6000 kg
Weight 1090 g


Advanced drum technology

The range matches drum diameters to load ratings providing the otpimum balance between speed and ease of furling.

Drums incorporate a sophisticated furling line groove profile and cross hold geometry to grip the furling line securely when furling.  This is the same technology developed first by Ronstan for use in our world leading ratchet blocks to grip line gently but securely.  When deploying the flying sail the continuous furling line self-ejects from the grip zone, remaining stationary for smoother, safer operation with minimum rope wear.  A floating PTFE perimeter strip ensures the unloaded furling line can't fall from the drum or become snagged.

Secure, snag free conne
Furlers and top swivels have retained quick release clevis pins.

Maintenance free bearing system
Furlers and top swivels feature a factory sealed, maintenance free bearing. Hardened roller bearings and races provide smooth high load performance.

Material selection for strength and durability
Hard anodised grade 6061 T6 aluminium construction provides durability and corrosion protection. Grade 2205 stainless steel is utilised for the load bearing shaft for optimum strength to weight ratio.

Multiple attachment options
Attachment options include a high resistance shackles, trigger release snap shackles
fairleads and fast pins, as well as hard adodised aluminium thimbles designed specifically to suit anit-torsion luff line.
The furler drum can be adjusted to suit either 0° or 90° attachment, as required to match the take-off
alignment and deck layout.

Easy continuous line installation and removal
Gen 2 furlers feature a clever continuous line installation and removal system that requires neither tools nor disassembly.  It allows easy sail and furler removal, leaving the continuous line and its various lead blocks and cleats in place on deck.  The system also suits systems where the continuous line cannot be removed from the boat, such as when it is routed through underdeck channels or under line covering panels.

Dedicated Top-down models for soft luff sails
Top-down furling provides a new level of simplicity, safety and speed for handling of soft luff sails such as asymmetric spinnakers and gennakers.  Cruisers can now store, deploy and retrieve these sales as simply as they would a furling headsail from the safety and convenience of the cockpit.  Racers too can benefit from the characteristics of top-down to allow superfast retrieval of code zeros by the pre-winding the furling line and firing it when ready.  Ronstan Gen 2 furlers are now available in dedicated top-down models with practical accessories such as soft loop shackles and top swivel lashing pins to provide the perfect solution.

Rotation stop accessory
A compact rotation stop can be added to compatible models of furlers to ensure inadvertent unfurling of the sail doesn't occur.  The rotation stop is simply installed on the underside of the furler and can be locked out when in use or when the sail is furled or stowed.


  • Grade 2205 stainless steel shaft & pins
  • Alloy drum plates, swivel jaws, fairlead bodies & thimbles
  • PTFE floating perimeter strip



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