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Palm Caffe Cup

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Palm Caffe Cup

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Caffe Cup Travel Mug

Natural drinking action – the amazing lid allows the coffee to flow as it would from an open cup.
No more drinking from a spout, or a nasty hole
Appreciate the Full Aroma of coffee as it can escape – not be trapped inside
• The opening is wide enough to allow soup to flow
• The lid clicks to open and clicks to close with a simple push. It is leak-proof.
• Appreciate the Full Flavour of coffee – No tainted or absorbent materials are used.
Seals are bonded so there are no debris traps.
• The high density cap material has a ceramic-like mouth feel – no more soft materials.
• The cap and lid click apart for complete cleaning – no more build-up of odours
• It is dishwasher safe and microwave safe
• It has a non-slip base and is stable with a low centre of gravity
• It is stable with a low centre of gravity – no more tall unstable shapes

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