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Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters

Max Power’s range of hydraulic tunnel bow thrusters are ideal for commercial and heavy displacement / high windage vessels from 40 to 85 feet. Designed for long-term performance, these models are robust, include corrosion free components and offer the following unique features:

  • Branded hydraulic components
  • Long runtimes
  • Water resistant
  • Patented composite drive legs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Case hardened spiro-conical gears
  • Line shields
  • Electronic control boxes for unrivaled safety features

The CT HYD 125 is designed for motor yachts and deep footed sailing yachts ranging from 35’-57’. The smallest in the hydraulic tunnel thruster range, the twin propeller CT HYD 125 is fabricated using composite materials, has a 185mm diameter tunnel, a thrust rating up to 125/275 (kg/lbs) and integrates all the unique features of the range.

* Several versions of each model are available.  Please consult your local Max Power distributor.
* Performance data is given for a thruster installed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter, in a tunnel no longer than twice the tunnel’s diameter, and this within a variation of + / - 6%. Longer tunnels will result in lower thrust ratings and higher power consumption.

Code Voltage Thrust Propellers Power Weight A B C D E
317588 140(kg) / 308(lbs) 2 13.5(kw) 12(kg) 210(mm) 210(mm) 215(mm) 185(mm) 6 - 7(mm)

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