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eWincher SE Electric Winch Handle - White/Black


eWincher SE Electric Winch Handle - White/Black

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Discover the Ewincher Special Edition: “Ewincher SE”.

Ewincher SE incorporates the general technologies integrated into EWINCHER 2. With a reduced price, it will allow you to welcome this wonderful teammate on board.

The Ewincher “SE” pack consists of the essentials:
• Electric winch handle
• Battery
• Charger
• Carrying bag

It develops a torque identical to Ewincher2 (90 Nm), but at a slower pace (83 rpm without load compared to 110 rpm for Ewincher2).

You can also motorize the 2 speeds of the winch, but on this model, the reversal of the direction of rotation can only be done manually (no automatic reversal by simple tilting of the handle as on Ewincher 2).

With Ewincher SE you will have everything you need to motorize your winches on boats from 30 to 60 feet.

Whether with the Ewincher SE or Ewincher2 electric winch handle, you will benefit from immediate assistance on board to carry out all your maneuvers:
• hoist the mainsail
• trim all the sails
• tack effortlessly
• furl in the genoa

You will never have maneuvered so quickly! Ewincher SE is the team member everyone dreams of on board: never tired, always ready!

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