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Stable, easy to handle, and generously sized, the +CROSS 10'7 inflatable Stand Up Paddle (iSUP) board by GUL is perfect for all-round cruising and surfing small waves. Packed with market-leading features such as WELD Fusion technology, a high-end double-layer construction for added stiffness whilst remaining 25% lighter than boards using traditional double-layer technology. The Gul iSUP uses a clever reinforced drop stitched core making the board 30% stiffer when compared to a regular single-layer construction. In addition, the increased yarn density provided by the reinforced drop stitch core mean this board can withstand pressures of up to 20PSI with ease. The dual-layered reinforced rails provide the final seal and aids further stiffness through extra compression. The +CROSS iSUP is finished off with a Diamond Skin EVA Pad applied using a machine press for the perfect bond. +CROSS signature 'CROSS' diamond pad offers brilliant traction and a comfortable grip underfoot.

Inflatable (iSUP) stable and easy to handle - Perfect for the whole family.
Fin set-up 2 plus one US fin box - Versatile and easy to use.
Weighing only around 9KG for easy carrying and transporting.
Inflation valve & D-ring patch - Locking anti-twist push pin valve, with a stainless D-ring for attaching your leash.
Signature 'CROSS' Diamond skin EVA pad - Machine pressed deck pad to ensure a perfect bond.
Airtight coating - A high tensile coating is fused to the drop stitch core.
Reinforced drop stitch core - Super reinforced drop stitch provides stiffness. Increased yarn density gives high tensile strength able to withstand 20PSI with ease.
Air-tight inner - A high-pressure laminated seam ensures a perfectly airtight and waterproof seal.
Dual-layered reinforced rails - The final seal provides extra compression and increased stiffness.
+CROSS WELD fusion technology - Double layer coating provides 30% more stiffness compared to single-layer construction and 25% less weight compared to standard double-layer construction.

Length: 10'7 (322cm)
Width: 32" (81cm)
Thickness: 5" (13cm)

Whats in the box?
1x +CROSS Fusion WELD iSUP board
1x 3-piece alloy paddle
1x Signature Coil Leash with key pocket
1x Double action pump
1x Repair kit
1x GUL backpack

+CROSS WELD Fusion Technology Explained:
The difference is in the detail. By looking at all of the individual elements of drop stitch technology we have been able to develop and refine processes to improve all aspects of board production. Firstly, we have managed to remove the process of coating the inner thread section with molten PVC - this process has been made redundant!

We wanted to be able to upgrade the single-layer board, by removing the base glue process from the second (double) layer. This additional glue process has always been messy and very time-consuming. So instead of gluing GUL coats the thread structure with a layer of adhesive that has been specially formulated to create both a seal and bond once laminated to high-density PVC- completely removing the human factor involved in traditional double layer application.
Our new process is done at the raw material stage which speeds up the process. The result is a more consistent and high-level cosmetic finish that has all of the benefits of durability and strength found previously only on traditional double-layer construction.

+CROSS WELD Fusion creates even more torsional stiffness once under tension when the board is inflated.